About us

The aim of our house is to present to connoisseurs and lovers of champagne a selection of champagne producers, meticulously chosen based on respect for working methods and the quality of the finished product. Like the famous champagne houses, our producers deserve our admiration for making a product of character that we wish to highlight.

Maison Champagne presents a varied range of champagne created by independent winegrowers who are less known to the public. It is neither by their marketing campaign nor by their magnificent packaging that they have seduced us, but rather by their unfailing commitment and their exceptional products that they have managed to surprise and convince us. It is with this in mind that Maison Champagne is delighted to share its range of products with lovers of fine bubbles.

We have visited each of these producers many times in the Champagne region.

We have talked to them at length. We visited their estates, their vineyards, and their cellars. We tasted together each of their wines and noticed the importance of the small, carefully guarded secrets in the quality of the finished product.

We learned to respect the passion and the intense attachment that drive them and that bind them to their land and their vines.

They all work to create a unique, high-quality champagne that reflects their families, their history, and their values.

One after the other, they conquered us by their work method and by the love brought to their land.

Thus, all of them share the following characteristics:

* The savoir-faire passed on from father to son for several generations

* A working methodology that respects the traditions of the "Méthode Champenoise"

* Specific techniques to each of their Houses that guarantee a great diversity in the elaboration of champagnes of character and high quality

* Love and respect for the terroir, the vines and the people

* A real sensitivity to the environment to preserve and maitain a quality terroir. This is reflected in the implementation of sustainable viticulture (VDC and HVE Certifications)

* A status of Récoltant-Manipulant (“RM” is printed on the bottles labels), an appellation that guarantees their independence and allows them to have total control over all stages of champagne production, from harvest to marketing

How to recognize the quality of a champagne: the criteria

* Respect of the different stages in the elaboration of sparkling wine according to the "Champenoise method" (see the main stages in the elaboration of champagne in section "Champagne")

* Storage of the champagne for at least 18 months in the cellar (ageing) before it is marketing. The visual aspect of the bubbles is essential. For the best champagnes, the tasters opt for very small bubbles that rise from the bottom of the glass in uninterrupted columns. If the bubbles are large and random, this is an indication of poor quality. The best champagnes "de garde", millésimé, are stored longer and lose some of their CO2 through the cork, which is never completely watertight. It is this reduced pressure that explains the fineness of the bubbles. The finer the champagne, the less aggressive the bubbles appear on the palate

* Storage of the bottles in a cool place where the temperature remains constant between 12° and 14°C. Avoid strong temperature fluctuations during the entire storage period

* Control of hygrometry, ideally around 80%

* Storage of the bottles horizontally so that the cork remains in contact with the wine

* Regularly "stirring" of the bottles automatically or by hand

* Storage of the bottles in a dark cellar, without light

* Storage of the bottles away from any source of odour

Evolution of the aromas of champagne wines

A few words about me…

Born in France, after my baccalaureate I went to England and Germany to learn languages before
joining the École Hôtelière de Lausanne.

After 20 wonderful years in gastronomy, during which I was able to visit many countries and taste
different cuisines and cultures, I took a break in finance, where I graduated with an Executive MBA
and a Bachelor's degree in finance and accounting.

Passionate about champagne, I'm here to introduce you to my collection of top-quality champagnes
made by winemakers I've known personally for a long time. They too are passionate about their
vineyards and their land.

I'm looking forward to introducing you to my cuvées. There's something for everyone: Grand Cru, 1er
Cru, Brut, Brut Nature, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Rosé, Millésimés...

Maison Champagne also offers catering services. It is with great pleasure that I present you a
selection of delicious, high-quality dishes.

With my experience, my commitment and my team, we promise you unforgettable, tasty and colorful
events. We'll surprise your taste buds, your eyes and those of your guests.

Whether it's for cocktail parties, birthdays or corporate events, we are at your service to make you
enjoy unique moments.

Contact me at Maison Champagne on 044 390 22 88 or 076 489 69 64!

Thank you and see you soon!

Patricia Economides - Maison Champagne