The vineyard is located on the terroirs of Cormoyeux and Romery, not far from the Dom Perignon abbey of Hauvillers, and has a total cultivated area of 11 hectares, of which a small part is in Passy Grigny.

Location: Cormoyeux, Romery

Region: Vallée de la Marne

Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier.

Champagne: AOC

Characteristics: Power, good balance, touch of acidity, freshness, complexity, roundness, good length

Organic certification: Sustainable agriculture (natural)

Story of Mondet

Our champagne house is the result of two winegrowing families, Mondet and Mongardien/Pognot, since 1926.

Since 1999, we, the two daughters and our husbands, Line and Laurent and Laurence and Frédéric, have ensured the continuity of the house. We want to share with you the fruits of four generations of Champagne wine lovers.

We work daily for sustainable viticulture to improve environmental performance. Our soil management practices are evolving towards a healthy method of planting, maintaining, and nurturing the vegetation cover between the rows of vines.

Our grapes are hand-picked and very slowly and gently pressed to extract the best juice.

After resting in barrels for several months, the wines are tasted to determine the blends between the different grape varieties and the different harvest years.

The wine is then bottled and aged for three to seven years in our cellars. The 200 metres of natural and calcareous cellars, located 30 metres underground, will allow an optimal conservation and maturation of 350 000 bottles of champagne at a constant temperature between 10° and 12° degrees.

The first cellars date back to 1886 and the fossils embedded in the vaults are 95 million years old.

After ageing, the bottles are stirred and then disgorged to extract the deposit and add a small amount of house liqueur. The time to elaborate a quality champagne is very long,

it takes three to four years to make a great wine.

We use the 3 grape varieties:

* Chardonnay (white grape), which brings finesse and elegance

* Pinot Noir, which brings structure, robustness, and fruitiness

* Pinot Meunier, which brings roundness and balance

The vineyard is located on the terroirs of Cormoyeux and Romery and has a cultivated area of 11 hectares. The terroir is characterised by a calcareous subsoil that acts as a real thermoregulator, absorbing moisture and releasing it when the vine needs it.

The average age of the vines is 30 years. Some of our vines are over 60 years old and are reserved for the best vintages.